Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dangers of Day Dreams

Ahh! This is my first blog entry :) How exciting! So, I have had a lot of thoughts over the past few weeks and decided to share them with whoever might be reading this...
Starting with today thoughts, I have been home alone all day today and decided to be productive and pull weeds. After spending about an hour outside (I'd only finished 1/2 of the front lawn) it occurred to me that for the past hour I had been silent. I hadn't said a word to anyone. The silence didn't bother me, but I realized that the past hour had been wasted day dreaming. I started reflecting on the random thoughts that had floated through my head in the previous hour and it occurred to me that almost all of my thoughts were about my future. Without even trying, my mind was dwelling on the things to come. Next weeks' test. Finding a summer job. Nursing school. Relationships with different people and conversations that I wish to have with them. The list goes on. Unconsciously, I began making plans and forming my future. After waking up out of this mental hour-long day dream, I realized that God gives us life one day at a time. I also realized that far too often my heart and my head are too busy dwelling in the future days. Because of that, I end up missing out on the current day. I'm not truly living in the day that has already been provided for me.
So, after coming to this epiphany, I smiled and decided that I needed to live TODAY for Jesus. Yesterday is done and tomorrow hasn't come, so with all that I am, I choose to live for Him. Today. :) With love in my heart and truth on my lips, my prayer is that I may bring Him glory with my day, today! The End.