Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A kind revelation.

{Meet my dog, Bam!}

My daughter wake up
Stand. Rise.
Leave that which is weighing you down.

I say, Be Not Afraid.
Will you trust?

Your eyes ares are open, your heart is feelings closed.
Return to me again.

For you are free.

Freed not only from your past, but freed from the fears of your future failure.
Engage not in the bondage of that which you have done or could do.
Accept my invitation to be free from yourself, in the present moment.

One blood, red atoned white, has released you.
It is sufficient.

I say, this day, that My Blood is enough.

Will you trust?

I have opened the bedraggled gate to the cage that is you.
I have bridged the distance from fallen to holy.
I invite you now to come.

Tarry not my beloved.

Accept the wholeness of my blood offering.
Be free, be You, be with Me.


Thankful for the warmth of His weighty presence.