Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lessons learned.

Wow. I'm at the coffee shop :) Sipping on green tea of course, and reflecting on my past semester! I have one week left of my first semester in Nursing School, and I'm kind of in disbelief. What a semester it has been! From moving out, to moving in (with the MacKays), meeting news friends that would soon turn into family (Sam, Lisa, Ginnie...), to discovering and caring for people that are truly diamonds just waiting to be uncovered in the cafeteria of a nursing home. My semester has been wonderful. My stories are long and the memories are precious.

From the homeless shopping-cart-man hiding trinkets on my roof, to wearing nothing but green tights and cardboard on Halloween and pretending I'm a ninja turtle, from using Sam as my needled dart board, to actually giving my first injection into a real patient, from changing on old man's briefs, to curling up in a chair and listening to another one's life story, this semester has been full of firsts. First patient, first time getting attached to a patient and wanting to take them home with me in my scrub pocket. First time living on my own, and hold myself accountable. First time I've had more than 2 cups of coffee in a month, first time without horses to use as my coping mechanism. I'm really just blabbing, but I am wholly content with where I'm at right now in life, and decided to turn that into a blog entry. :)

Great is God, and great is His faithfulness to me. In providing for me, in being my life and breath, in being the one I reflect, and in shining bright enough for others to notice and ask. He has been my portion, my gracious reward. He is my hope and strength, and His love is radical. May my life be spent. May the cup of my heart be emptied daily so that it may be refilled with Him who I adore. His presence is my excitement, His promise is my joy, and His history is my courage. God help me to trust in You. Even when I question the circumstances, may I never question your heart. May I be secure in knowing that your heart is for me. May you delight in me.
<3 Kel

P.S. A few quotes can sum up the semester...

Be prepared, and love. That's how you live with no regrets. ~70 year old man, dying of cancer that shared his life with me for an hour.
Well it seemed like a good idea at the time. ~Kevin
Be froogle with yourself and generous with others. ~Grandpa love
Just dance. It's gonna be okay. ~Brynny
What flourishes under control? What withers under liberating love?