Friday, January 27, 2012

Yours for the taking.

The levy of my soul breaks for You.

My inner waters flood the external.

They sing a chorus of praise, unique and free.

No guilt, no shame, just thanksgiving.

You are so kind.

I am drowning in Your goodness.

Wasting away in Your embrace.

My whole self is spilling over with the fullness You pour in.

I am quiet.

I am still.

I am taken.

I am Yours

and You are just right.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Still with me.

On the medium of silence, my mind grows many thoughts.

Caught in the contamination, I have a choice.

To believe the father of lies, or to believe The Father.

Your voice is familiar, often quiet.

His voice can be loud, drowning the silence.

May I harvest the thoughts inoculated from Your heart.

If my thoughts influence my feelings, than who am I really listening to?


I stretch, but do not feel straight.

I shower, but do not feel clean.

I run, but do not feel closer.

I sit, but do not feel quiet.

I dream, but do not understand.

I wake up.

And in the dark, Your self overwhelms me.

In the night You have drawn my heart so close to Yours.

That with my first waking breath, I can feel it.

I am breathing in and out Your grace

And my mind may be a battlefield, but I have the best defense.


He reminds me that my heart is not up for the taking.

He reaches me with His truth, the greatest news.

The truth is: You played offense for my heart.

The competition for souls is over.

You are the greatest victor.

I lay my weary head down, to be affected by Your redemption in my dreams.

I wake up and rejoice, for You are still with me.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


To You, my heart is open.

No holding back.

Not a thing remaining hidden.

Do You see the dear things that I hold close?

The treasure of my dreams, my wishes, and desires?

They are not off limits for Your hand.

For Your will.

For You will not ask for a gift from me, that You have not already given to me.

My hands are open.

Nothing is clenched.

My heart won't flinch when You make Your move.

May You take all that You see, especially that which is beautiful.

For beauty came from Your glory.

All that is within me that is good and desirable, was fashioned from Your likeness.

Redeemed by the body.

Blood, red, for me.

These things that I hold dear, have no hold on me; when I rest secure, held by You.

My largest dreams cannot contain Your good news.

I am a new gift, waiting to be unwrapped.

Fashioned for Yourself.

Gifted to Your heart.

May You delight in what You see and take what You delight in, for You are my portion.


This is wonderful.

Saturday, January 7, 2012



Wonder and wait, wander too.

Toil and tarry.

Plan and pray.

With the closing of winter comes the grand premier of spring.

Renewal for the barren ground.


Unaware of what the next season brings, You speak to my deep.

You beckon praise.

Light to the dark.

Sun to the frigid.

Spring to the inflexible.

You are hope.


May I be more child-like, less child-ish.

May I praise.

May I hunger.

May I be silent.

May I draw near.

May I not miss it, in a life that mostly does.

May I hear Your faint whisper and obey.

May I walk in the light.

May I draw near with fear and trembling.

May I shut up.

May desperation for Jesus never leave my deep.

May my season never determine my song.

May my heart know full well that every gift is {somehow} good.

May my life and love be a Thank You card, addressed to Your heart.

May I praise.

May I choose joy, rejoice, and bring You praise.


{Family Vacation}