Thursday, January 12, 2012


To You, my heart is open.

No holding back.

Not a thing remaining hidden.

Do You see the dear things that I hold close?

The treasure of my dreams, my wishes, and desires?

They are not off limits for Your hand.

For Your will.

For You will not ask for a gift from me, that You have not already given to me.

My hands are open.

Nothing is clenched.

My heart won't flinch when You make Your move.

May You take all that You see, especially that which is beautiful.

For beauty came from Your glory.

All that is within me that is good and desirable, was fashioned from Your likeness.

Redeemed by the body.

Blood, red, for me.

These things that I hold dear, have no hold on me; when I rest secure, held by You.

My largest dreams cannot contain Your good news.

I am a new gift, waiting to be unwrapped.

Fashioned for Yourself.

Gifted to Your heart.

May You delight in what You see and take what You delight in, for You are my portion.


This is wonderful.

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