Monday, January 16, 2012

Still with me.

On the medium of silence, my mind grows many thoughts.

Caught in the contamination, I have a choice.

To believe the father of lies, or to believe The Father.

Your voice is familiar, often quiet.

His voice can be loud, drowning the silence.

May I harvest the thoughts inoculated from Your heart.

If my thoughts influence my feelings, than who am I really listening to?


I stretch, but do not feel straight.

I shower, but do not feel clean.

I run, but do not feel closer.

I sit, but do not feel quiet.

I dream, but do not understand.

I wake up.

And in the dark, Your self overwhelms me.

In the night You have drawn my heart so close to Yours.

That with my first waking breath, I can feel it.

I am breathing in and out Your grace

And my mind may be a battlefield, but I have the best defense.


He reminds me that my heart is not up for the taking.

He reaches me with His truth, the greatest news.

The truth is: You played offense for my heart.

The competition for souls is over.

You are the greatest victor.

I lay my weary head down, to be affected by Your redemption in my dreams.

I wake up and rejoice, for You are still with me.


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