Saturday, January 7, 2012



Wonder and wait, wander too.

Toil and tarry.

Plan and pray.

With the closing of winter comes the grand premier of spring.

Renewal for the barren ground.


Unaware of what the next season brings, You speak to my deep.

You beckon praise.

Light to the dark.

Sun to the frigid.

Spring to the inflexible.

You are hope.


May I be more child-like, less child-ish.

May I praise.

May I hunger.

May I be silent.

May I draw near.

May I not miss it, in a life that mostly does.

May I hear Your faint whisper and obey.

May I walk in the light.

May I draw near with fear and trembling.

May I shut up.

May desperation for Jesus never leave my deep.

May my season never determine my song.

May my heart know full well that every gift is {somehow} good.

May my life and love be a Thank You card, addressed to Your heart.

May I praise.

May I choose joy, rejoice, and bring You praise.


{Family Vacation}

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