Saturday, December 31, 2011

Far broken.

For the sins of my people
For the blood on their hands
For the idols in their hearts
For the adultery in their minds
For the other gods they place before You
For the distractions that hold their gaze
For the empty lies of business that eat up their time
For the darkness that consumes their attention
For the land mines of doubt in their deep
For the apathy with which they chase You
For the hollow nothings that they use to fill their emptiness
For the fallacy of self as the highest

I hunger
I thirst
I weep
I bow
I beg

Body of Jesus, usher me in, that You may hear my solemn cries and pardon the large comings of my people

Choose them
Chase them
Woo them
Use them
Restore them to Yourself


The musings that come when I cannot fall asleep.

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