Friday, December 2, 2011

A story like this.

Once fallen, twice removed.

Covered in the ash and surrounded by the ruins, of a decision made once; responsible for all.

Dark and dirty.


My guilt hands -- buried.

My brittle soul -- in shackles.

My greatest thought couldn't have come up with a story like this.

Your story of Red, of Revival, Renewal.

And in it You, the Good Creator, sought me.

And You kissed my soul with the purifying coal.

And You said My daughter, you are dark, but you are lovely.

My Great Redeemer has come for me.

Rising from the ashes, it is all I can do to sing of Your Holy.

Freed from sin, from shame, from self.

My whole being can attest to Your wonder.

Your work.

Your worth.

And I have nothing to give You in return, except for my awe and affection.

This soul's admiration.

And I may have dreams, but I awake to the reality of Your vision.

I realize now that the colorful dreams of You are the fill for this desire.

And these tears are the only gift I can muster up.

I return to You my longings, plans, and identity .

I take Your spirit in return.

Joy will not leave me, praise will only come from me, Your truth will continue to transform me.

May I only grow lower as You are exalted in me.

You are Holy.

You are Radical Love.

You are lettering this story.

You are responsible for this Beautiful Exchange.

And in the silence, in the leaning, in the tears, I am undone.


{Renew with Sam and friends with coffee and drinks to follow <3}

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