Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ha life :)

I should be doing other things right about now... like freezing grapes, picking up Sydney, and prepping to see Kevin. But first, I think I should blog. Sorry Syd! I'll be a few mins late... Shocking I know :)

3 Quick things:

1) I have made a new friend this week. Meeting new people, and starting new friendships is the thing I find the most joy in. I so adore hearing peoples' stories, and learning new life lessons. This week, I made a new friend that is worth mentioning. Her name is Marion, and she is 93 years old (although she wouldn't tell me... her neighbor ratted her out :). I have spent two lovely lunch dates with Marion this week. Marion is a sugary sweet woman from New York, with definite East Coast spice. She is passionate about cross word puzzles, crocheting, folding her pizza, playing bingo, and telling jokes. She offers valuable wisdom and enjoys instructing me on how to learn from her mistakes. Twice in the past week, she has taken me to lunch -- rather, I have taken her, and she has generously paid. We laugh frequently and talk about her bunions :) ha! Marion is well read, up to date on newly released movies (she frequents the theaters once a week), cognitively sharp, witty, and rather quick on her feet -- for her age that is. I adore Marion, and someday I'll have to make a blog out of the wisdom she has offered me. What a blessing she has been to my life! I look forward to learning more lessons from her over lunch.

2) My dad and I had a conversation this weekend that inspired me. He said to me on Saturday "Kelly, I hope that someday you will find a man with a plan." His reason for saying that was this... "A man with a plan is going somewhere. It might be the wrong plan, but at least you'll be moving. A man without a plan for his life is standing still. Stagnant. Really, he's just a boy who doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up." I laughed, and then asked dad what his "plan" was/is for life. Burrrn! I struck a cord in him to say the least. :D Oh well, he'll have to make his own blog for that answer... But his question made me think about my own plan for life -- granted my plan will hopefully change someday -- that is if I meet a guy -- and Lord willing I will adjust to and adhere to his plan. But for now, I think my plan looks something like this (in no particular order):

a) Nursing School
b) Love on and care for those who have been placed in my life for a reason
c) Graduate (Okay perhaps this needs to come after "a" :p)
d) Find a church to call home and invest in the body
e) Find a job and get a place of my own
f) Have the kind of home that is open -- where others can come, to seek encouragement and refuge
g) Find a guy who adores Jesus above all else and thinks that I'd make a decent #2

All of the above plans are mere ideas... In reality, I just want the Spirit that was in Jesus to be active in my life. I do not limit Him to these plans, rather I wish to wholly dwell in Him. May He make something beautiful with me. I guess these plans are more like loosely held guidelines. Oh well, so much for that exercise! Isn't the future exciting? What a grand adventure it is to follow Jesus!

3) My last random babble is this: I wish to be like a cloud. I was walking this week, and for quite sometime now, I have had a fascination with clouds. Not the ugly, thin, wispy ones, but the thick, large, puffy ones. My prayer as I was walking was God may I be like the big clouds. May I be beautiful and strong, may I not be spread thin (like the ugly ones) and may I provide shade and protection from those who are burning. May I be bold in the vast blue sky of life and may I go where you would call me. Yeah, Lord may I be a cloud that is at your mercy. May I be surrendered, and may you do something beautiful with me.

Okaay I'm done... Wait no. May you also be like a cloud. :) For a time, may we congregate together, may our clouds meet, but may we all gain courage to follow where He leads us! I hope you have a wonderful week and I hope you know that you are adored. You are something so special. You are a child of the King.

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  1. My Little Cherub... I love you! I'm still working on that plan... I'll let you know when I figure it out. :-)