Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home-sick. Home-stretch.

As of late, I have been home-sick. I have come to the conclusion that this world does not hold my soul. Nor my mind, nor my heart. They are in a different place, they are with Jesus. And I'm finding myself frustrated at my feet -- they are still here, still present on this earth -- The only thing left of me that is present on this earth.

I've been thinking lately about hope. I've found myself placing hope in people -- which is just plain silly. People will let you down. People will hurt you. Like it or not, I will, someday, hurt you. I apologize now. I will likely say something stupid (that happens a lot -- it's kind of a dominant gene in the Lassiter gene pool), or do something stupid that will cut. Like I said, I am so sorry. I truly apologize. Thinking of that, makes my heart hurt and an offense hasn't even been charged. Today, I realized that hope in humans is disappointing, but that hope in Jesus is life. I have placed my hope in the one who will not let me down. In the one who holds my heart, and treats it with care -- He knows its fragile state. He continues to exceed my expectations, and he will never ever hurt me. I am safe in Him, and more than that, I have life in my being because of Him. Him who loves me. That is pretty powerful, and makes me long to be with Him even more.

On Saturday, I was thinking about the privilege of worship. I, as a mere creation, am able to sing praises to my creator. To thank Him, and bestow on Him honor and glory and surrender. Beautiful surrender in return for His spirit -- my life. What an honor! It made me think of playdough. Many a times I have made stick figured humans out of that colorful goop. How cool would it be if that (my creation) in turn saw its true beauty, and value in the one who created it? Worshiping God -- thanking Him for making me beautiful, for seeing me as beautiful, for revealing to my heart its true beauty -- is a really amazing experience. The word amazing just isn't enough.

I am ready. So ready to be with Jesus, to bestow praise to Him endlessly. My song of praise for Him has been started on this earth, but will only intensify when I leave. When I am gone, I will join a mighty chorus singing Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty, who was and is and is to come. Not only will I have the privilege of washing His feet, but as His child, I cannot wait to climb on His lap and have Him hold me. To be securely embraced by Him -- the only one who holds my heart -- this is what I am waiting for, and everything else pales in comparison to that. Today, I realized that I am in the home-stretch. I am just counting down the time until my happily ever after -- the ending to my love story where tears and hurt will not follow. The ending where I will be restored to my creator and be wholly complete in Him. This gives me hope. This is worthy of hope. He is worthy of hope. He raised the sun for you this morning. He raised His Son for you 2000 years ago. That's more than any friend or lover ever could accomplish.

May you stop placing hope in things that will hurt you -- in people that will let you down, and may you find you hope in your creator. May you be empowered by His spirit during this beautiful countdown of time and may you find others to join in your song of praise. May you seek out those who currently aren't promised a happily ever after, and may you let the light of Jesus shine and catch heart in their hearts. May you bring others home with you, and may we all join in unison with a song of sweet adoration for Jesus. Headed onward, headed homeward. Will you join me?


  1. this is an awesome blog! it's as if i wrote it myself, it's just what my heart has been feeling the last few weeks! :) ps may i point out that it was 2009 years ago hahaha! :b good blog lassy, much love!

  2. so your probably going to get pretty much the same comment from me for a while on every blog because everything u write just confirms more and more that we really just neeeeed to spend a week together. itll go something like this: this is awesome, you're awesome. see you soon!