Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never ever ever....

This morning, before I cracked open Isaiah, I had a few thoughts running through my head. I started forming a mental "I've never list" So, I decided to jot them down for you to read :) I hope you are as entertained as I was! My hope is to cross off all of the things on this list (except for #13) and to make some awesome memories in the process :)

I've never:

1) Gone backpacking

2) Gone on a mission trip

3) Saved someone's life

4) Owned a cow (I'm really excited to cross this one off!)

5) Seen New York

6) Been on a cross country road trip

7) Been overseas

8) Seen the play Wicked

9) Been snowboarding

10) Been on a "real" date with a guy

11) Been in a wedding

12) Pulled an all nighter

13) Broken a bone

14) Said I love you without meaning it (I don't wish to cross this one off either...)

15) Been baptized in the Holy Spirit

16) Been Bungee jumping

17) Read the newspaper all the way through

18) Taken dancing lessons

19) Been kissed (and no, Chad Morris doesn't count, I was 3)

20) Run more than 3 miles

21) Cried while watching a chick flick (I suppose I should cross this one off sometime just to affirm the fact that I am indeed a female :p)

22) Read through the entire Bible

23) Laughed so hard that I've lost control of my bladder

24) Planted and cultivated my own successful garden

25) Changed a tire

That's about all I can think of :) I hope you enjoyed a small snipit into my little life and maybe we can make some of these memories together! Otay, I'm off... time to hike :D


  1. this is epic! I want in! Especially on 4... And like half of the others :p btw I like 15!

  2. Nice! I like this list a lot, and I think most of it would make my list as well. I def have a strong desire to cross off #15! :) But not so much for #10!haha :b

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  4. I'm thinking I would love to be with you during 15. and i don't think that the possibility is way too far off the radar screen.... who knows? we shall see what the Lord has in store!!! ;) Love you.