Monday, September 7, 2009

Follow the Yellow Brick Road...

Have you ever been at a place in your life when you've tasted the fruit of something so sweet that you never want to go back to what you had before? Have you ever seen something so beautiful tears well up in your eyes? Have you ever experienced something so amazing that you would give anything -ANYTHING- to keep it?

I guess this is where I currently find myself. I've tasted the fruit of my Father, and I never want to go back. I'm done living for me. I'm done building for my own kingdom. I'm done holding expectations for my day, my future, my life. Every morning, I see His beauty in the clouds, and every afternoon, I see His beauty in the sunset... and yet I, we, are the apples of His eye. We are what He is most captivated with. Isn't that a revolutionary thought? That our Creator delights in His creation, and wants to know us in the most intimate way.

This summer, my theme has been to live wholly for God. Yes, I have been a "believer" for quite sometime now, but I would say that I have only been a "follower" of God for about a year. What does it mean to follow? Contrary to some rationale, it's not as simple as following the yellow brick road. The way I see it, following means surrender. Surrendering your life, your wishes, your possessions, your expectations, basically yourself, for Jesus. I believe that I became a follower of Jesus the moment I gave up every part of me. The other part of following is knowing who you are following. You see, I used to be concerned with where "following" would take me, but this summer I learned that it's not so much about knowing where I'm going, but encountering the One who is leading me. Throughout this summer, I've experienced God in an intimate way. An experience that taught me that there is nothing on this earth that is worth more to me, than what I have waiting for me when I draw my last breath. It is then that I will have the privilege of being with my Father in an unadulterated way. This summer I saw His beauty, I tasted His grace, I felt His love, and I have rested secure in His embrace. After tasting such wonderful things, seeing such beautiful sights, and feeling, I made the decision to follow Him.

Since then, my prayers have been simple. Simple to say, yes; simple to live, hardly.

Here's my life God, would it be Yours. With it, may I live radically for you, and would You use me to shine bright with hope in a hopeless world. Here are my dreams, they are Yours too. Would You take them far from me, and may I be dependent on You for my future. May I rest assure knowing that the adventure You have planned for me will be far greater than any will or aspiration I could have mustered on my own. Here's my heart God, would You break it for those that break Yours. Would You supply me with the kind of love that You have for Your creation, and would I lather it on those You put in my life. Here are my hands, would You use them to deliver care to those who are hurting, and those who are needy. Would You use them to deliver compassion, and a tender embrace. My lips are for You too. Would You use them to uplift and encourage. Would You supply them with special words and care, and would my speech bring You much glory. May my life bring you much glory. Father, here is all of me. It's all for You.

It's just that simple. I'm done living my life. May it be said of me, that my whole life amounted to Jesus, and would that be enough. This is me. This is where I'm at. I'm passionate about one thing, I desire one thing, and I won't stop until the day that my faith shall be my eyes. The anticipated day when I meet my Father face to face. You died for me, so I'll live for You. *Kel


  1. :) I so heart that and "get it" now. For this, there is a song by Hillsong United (shocker, I know :P ).

    "Oh here I stand
    Arms open wide
    Oh I am Yours
    And You are mine

    My whole life is Yours
    I give it all
    Surrendered to Your Name
    And forever I will pray
    Have Your way
    Have Your way"

  2. I was reminded of a song also. Although, like me this is an old one written in 1874:

    Take my life and let it be
    Consecrated, Lord, to Thee;
    Take my hands and let them move
    At the impulse of Thy love.
    Take my feet and let them be
    Swift and beautiful for Thee;
    Take my voice and let me sing,
    Always, only for my King.
    Take my lips and let them be
    Filled with messages from Thee;
    Take my silver and my gold,
    Not a mite would I withhold.
    Take my moments and my days,
    Let them flow in endless praise;
    Take my intellect and use
    Every pow’r as Thou shalt choose.
    Take my will and make it Thine,
    It shall be no longer mine;
    Take my heart, it is Thine own,
    It shall be Thy royal throne.
    Take my love, my Lord, I pour
    At Thy feet its treasure store;
    Take myself and I will be
    Ever, only, all for Thee.

  3. I don't have a song to share (sorry), but oh can I relate! God has reawakened me this last year in a way I haven't experienced since highschool and early college! Fellowship is sweet and surrender is incredible. I pray you continue to grow and abound in His great LOVE!!!!!

  4. ok, ok, I couldn't NOT post a song... :) I just saw this in one of my journal entries from this summer. It's been one of my fav's for oh 14 years or so... Does that make me old school? Here's an audio link:

    Here is my heart. I give it Lord to you.
    Here is my life. I lay it before you.
    Where wlse could I go?
    And what wlse could I do?
    If I did not know you...

    Like the desert needs the rain... I need you.
    Like the ocean need the streams... I need you.
    Like the morning needs the sun... I need you.
    You are my only One.

    thanks for sharing your heart, Kelly.