Friday, July 16, 2010

Lessons I learned today...

1) Weeds. While they may seem like a nuisance, once picked, they leave fertile soil behind.

2) While studying the book of Matthew (I'm going through the New Testament in an awesome daily bible study!), I learned that the 3 wisemen, the 3 Kings (which there's no proof that they were from Orient) were actually gentiles. That was why they caused such a ruckus when going into Jerusalem. How beautiful is that? God drew the gentile kings to worship the born King of the Jews. Indeed, his reconciliation business started there.

3) I have the best dad. No really, if we were to argue about this, you'd lose. To prove my point, read this

4) One man's obedience really can change the course of history. Take Joesph, who's character is described as righteous. If Joseph hadn't depended on God and taken Mary to be his wife, she would have been stoned. Killed, while with child -- with Jesus. If Joseph hadn't acted after hearing from God and fled to Egypt, Jesus, again would have been killed, only this time by Herod. And again, if Joseph hadn't obeyed God's prompt for returning to Jerusalem, Jesus likely would never have fulfilled the prophecy that was spoken of Him... being raised in and coming from Nazareth. I've learned that much... in just two chapters too! When just one man depends on God, the world really can be changed.

How great is our God?

(I just came across this picture today and it made me smile BIG. It was from a few months ago, when I met up with Miley Moo. When it came time for our goodbye picture, it went down like this: 1-2-3 KISS! I adore her.)

P.S. I work the next 3 days! 3-12 hour shifts in a row... here I comeeeee! ha I think I'll resemble a noodle on Tuesday.

P.S.S. Only 3 more days until Kevin returns from ridiculous London (and Ireland). I miss his face!

(It was only fair that she got a taste of her own medicine ;)

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