Saturday, December 4, 2010

Done :)

For weeks now, it seemed as if the end was near, but never in sight. This morning, I tell you the truth, my Senior 1 semester is officially over :)

The semester didn't end, however, before a little adventure... down to Tucson for the ASU vs UofA game!

Mike and Adrienne.

We boarded the bus on the eve of our largest final in the history of Nursing School, and studied-ish most of the way there :)

Gold was grossly out-numbered. *Note the cluster of Gold in the section across the field :)

I kind of like them. Nope, that's a lie. I like them a lot.

Ahh! End of the 4th quater and we were TIED! The game went into double overtime! && we won :) with a blocked field goal nonetheless!

Mike definitely taught me about offsides and false start!

We finally made it home; 2 hours later than we were anticipating, slept for 5 hours... and then showed up for our 100 question-combination-final!

After moving out of the Macs, taking a nap, and a shower... I celebrated my new-found freedom with these lovely people :)

5 couples from church + Ben and Jesse and I :) we all got together, and cooked dinner and shared a meal together... and laughs, and drinks, and games and good times too.

I adore her.

Davide and Mallory hosted the dinner... and kicked butt in cards ;)

I kind of love her. And so does he.

Soo yummy. Yay for married/engaged/dating friends who are cool enough to include us :) Can't wait for our Bible-study to start!

Mmk, off to clean and organize and hopefully hike!

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