Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Much to be thankful for.

For Thanksgiving lunch at Del Taco.

For Kevin's giggles and mom's playfulness.

For unexpected photo opportunities involving breakfast burritos.

For little babies. And how they remind me to be vulnerable and have child-like faith.

For girls that know how to have fun and for apple pie carmel apples.

For Grammy's generosity and Taylor's warm heart.

For my soundboard and seasoned wisdom.

For spontaneous dance parties on the beach :)

Get low...

Come and get high...

For health and the ability to be active and pain-free.

For a someone who understands me - most of the time.

And who can be weird with me...

For animals. They make life chipper.

For baby cousins that erp on you.

And for places like this that serve as fun studying venues! First final is tomorrow... Community Health, here I come! ;)

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