Monday, November 1, 2010

More of You.

Monday morning, I should be studying for my first Pediatrics test, but blogging sounds way more lovely.

I feel as if I could say a lot.
I could tell you that...
*I'm on the last leg of classes -- only 4 more weeks!
*This weekend was Homecoming and I had SO much fun building our school's float, walking in the parade and attending the game!
*I have had an insane urge to dance lately!
*I tried saran wrapping Mike's car last night and TOTALLY got caught (ha)!
*I have been loving my Pediatric rotation -- the NICU was absolutely lovely this past week!
*I bought a juicer recently and have been making the yummiest (and super healthy) breakfast/lunch drinks!
*The fall is my most favorite season and this year is no exception!
*I am excited for the future and what it holds (more like I'm excited for Who holds my future and how He intends to use me)
*I'm going to miss the MacKays when I move out in a few weeks.
*I can hardly wait for the Gilbert Days Rodeo -- I miss the tradition of kettle corn and super cold bleachers :)
*I narrowly escaped a scorpion sting last night (it was wanting a free ride on my flip flop)!
*I've been excited lately because the purpose of my life has been confirmed almost daily -- my heart is to be used for His people.
*I have a hard time letting go and seeking His will over mine.
*I have been craving a new adventure and longing to go hiking and camping.
*Every time I write a paper and start typing my Title Page, I recognize how privileged I am to put Arizona State University behind my name. Not simply because I attend ASU, but because I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to further my education, in hopes of someday having a career.
*I can be guilty of talking about myself -- WAY too much...
*I love my brother because he actually listens to me when the previous statement is true!
*I am excited for the Holidays -- not because of the food or fortune, but because of the poeple I am privileged enough to spend them with.
*I have been trying to learn the art of -not taking credit for God's victories in my life- aka basking in recognition that was meant for Him. How sad is that?
*I can hardly wait to graduate because I have SO many new things I want to try -- sewing, baking EVERYTHING from scratch, cutting hair, taking classes at Phx Seminary (?)... um yes!

Really, I could go on rambling about a lot of nothing, but really I just want to convey that nothing in this whole world matters. Life is just a season, and really, it's a season to pursue holiness. Lately, I've been feeling what one man once referred to as the "tension of holiness" -- your spirit thirsts for righteousness, yet you're stuck in a morally corrupt, unrighteous world. I guess you could say that I have been craving purity lately and long for the day when whole-hearted purity will not just run over my life, cover my life, but BE my life. Praise be to Jesus who makes purity on this side of eternity possible. Praise be to Him who makes all things new.

My mind cannot dwell on a better thought.

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