Thursday, October 21, 2010


Life Update:

*The girls are finishing swim*

*Nick had a birthday*

*It's been raining here and makes the streets shimmer*

*Kiley came out to my house one night and we ate chocolate. She then took a shower and I sat on the toilet (seat was down) talking to her about life. She popped her head out and started laughing at me. She called me a fatty and I was perplexed. She said that I should look in the mirror... I had chocolate ALL over my face. It was lovely, really.

*I took the younger two on a date last week. Our game was this: let's see who can take the cutest picture inbetween here and Starbucks! The challege was this: everyone has to take a picture of a complete stranger :) I took one of a lady at the bus stop. It was great fun!

*Shooting straws FTW!*

*Drew decided to climb into a trashcan and I happen to think that she's adorable*

*My shot -- cactus*

*Drew's shot -- sprinklers

*Favorite of the night? I think so. This is just so us.*

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