Sunday, November 14, 2010


Where am I going? I have not a clue.

What is in store for my future? Hmmm. Can't really answer that either.

What do I desire?

-I want my heart to be used for His people. Broken daily, only to be mended by my Creator in the night.

-I want to be poor, to be intentional in living a simple life. I do not wish to accumulate meaningless things in this world.

-I want to see the Spirit of the living God richly cultivated in the lives of those around me.

-I want my hands to be used to catch the souls of man.

-I wish to be frugal in my own life and generous in the lives of others.

-I want to be hungry, yet full of the Spirit all the days of my life.

-I want my feet to be used to deliver the gospel of peace.

-I want my hands to foster healing and my words to house encouragement. I want my smile to be used to warm even the coldest of hearts.

-I want my lips to abound with the fullness He offers. He fulfills. Like nothing in this whole world, He satiates that which your soul intrinsically desires.

-I want to lay down my desires for the sake of seeing His will for my life manifest.

-I want to be faithful, even in the face of persecution.

-I want to be BOLD. Bold, from the spirit of the living God dwelling in me. So bold that the spirit of fear has no reign in my life.

-I want to leave every comfort for the sake of sharing the love and hope of Jesus with those who do not know Him.

-I want to be steadfast in prayer and full of thanksgiving.

-I want to eat His words daily.

-I want to lose my life, that I may find it.

-I want to be sold out, wholly consumed with the blood and love and life of Jesus. Abiding in His grace, empowered by His spirit, moved to a state of perpetual worship, I want to be desperate for His presence. I want to share His story, His liberating pursuit for the hearts of people.

People get ready, Jesus is coming.

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