Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have been every color of fall.

Every shade of fallen.

Unfortunately scathed from ancestral decisions.

I have been full.

Full of bitterness.

Full of doubt.

Full of angst.

Full of rebellion.

Full of me, fat on myself.

I have been empty.

The bottom of the bucket is a familiar friend.

Devoid of joy.

Striking out on purpose.

Searching out worth.

Frantic for identity.

I offer all that I have for all that You have to offer.


It is a process.

Dark rocks, old habits, several hurts, some hang-ups.

Rocks waiting to be transformed.

Turned, so that the darkness can be exposed to Your light.

From the daughter of emptiness to the child of light.

Who am I that You would fill me with Yourself, the only whole gift?

Authority is for the now.

Not because of what I have or what I have done, but for who You are.

You are the God of the old, the God of the new, the God of wonders.

Jesus is my High Priest and He is great.

The Spirit is promised, present.

Confidence comes with who I am in You, it overpowers all, smothers out the darkness.

The dark one has no territory in this one, the victory is Yours and I am not up for grabs.


It was my battle cry and has become my banner.

I will sing for the joy that I have in You.

Freedom, it is the message You have branded on me.

Seared and singed.

Light and bright.

Full of hope, and now vision.

Secure in worth, identity, and value.

You are good and I will not keep this good news to myself.

I have been every color of fall, but I will be Your red forevermore.


(New Hampshire with grandpa boy)

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