Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thankful for much,

Thankful for most.

And I sit here, in the quiet, and am reminded that even the bad is worthy of my thanks.

The ugly has a purpose.

It is Your gift to me as well.

It reminds me that I am in process, not yet complete.

It causes me to lean, unwavering, onto You.

Dependence is the product of all of Your gifts to me.

It is the greatest gift I can return.

When Your hands towards me are empty, dependence comes hastily, with desperation on its heels.

When Your hands towards me are full, may it always be said that dependence was my first response too.

In the silence, my mind revisits every gift that You have given.

For the smiles, for the tears, for the close and for the distant.

For the polish, for the sandpaper, for the sweet and mostly bitter.

For the hunger, for the feast, for the meat and for the milk.

Not a single one of them goes untouched, unnoticed, unmentioned.

Today, I choose joy.

And I am reminded that I can give You thanks always, and for everything.


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