Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Strong to a fault

You have made me strong.

At times, I realize, that I am strong to a fault.

As a gift to Your heart, oil to Your feet, I wake up from a full night's dreams, only wishing to surrender.

Help me to trust.

Lead me on Your path of life; steep, narrow, uneven.

Instill in me a heart that is eager to follow.

Stop these fears from placing a bridle on Your extravagant plans.

Sweetly woo the regins away from clasped fingers.

Let us run together, I the trusting one.

Keep me from dismounting when the path gets steep; as if my own two feet are more able than Yours.

May peace reign in my heart as we move at Your pace.

Never let me forget...

That You have been faithful in this life, amongst my faithless seasons.

That Your heart towards me is good; hands empty or hands full.

That the compass of Your heart is set on home and You are leading me on refining.

That You are my Great Protection, and together, we will flee the enemy.

That You are the Strong One.

That it is not a mark of failure to be weak with You.

That I cannot be more successful than being dependent on You and resting in You.

That You are kind.


Florida Update!
2 shifts left at work!
1 Family wedding
Going away party at my Parent's place on June 2 @ 6:30pm -- come!
I am shipping my car (with clothes, shoes, hair products)
I have purchased a One-way plane ticket
I am stoked to start my new job (and be on days)
I am looking forward to sharing life with a small handful of quality individuals that are receiving me on the other side

1 comment:

  1. so excited to see you Saturday!
    I'll miss you but I know the Lord has you in the palm of His hand and you're going to LOVE iT!