Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I belong to You.

Hard ground.

Falling seed.

Fruit comes with the plow, the sun, the water.

Surely the compact plot must be softened with time, sweat, tenacity.

The till drops in, drags, cuts deep.

Undone, the original ground cannot remain the same.

To be successful with the plow is to leave behind a medium ready for change.

The sun rises and brings with it the sweat of noon.

Suffering, hot, pressing, bright.

The sun nourishes.

Feeding, it also dehydrates, leaving new spores dependent on water.

To have need.

To be desperate for something that cannot be controlled.

To trust that the water will come.

It will serve its purpose, to refresh and sustain.

To trust that the water will come.

And the culture of my heart is in need of a Savior.

Pierced hands behind the plow.

An earnest longing for a changed daughter.

You thought of me when you breathed Your last on the beam.

A Son that has risen for the transgressions of this land.

The Son has risen.

Never again will I know a consuming fire

A heat spurred on by wrath, by justice, by vengeance.

For the heat that I feel comes from Your refining fire.


Waiting for the promised flood.

To have need.

I can fool many, but You see my heart.

Trust running thin, being stretched.

To trust You and the whispers You have spoken to my soul in the color of night.

Your hushed tone is familiar, but where are the living waters You have spoken of?

Streams to rise up and relinquish this drought

And they come.

Gray clouds that drown out the bright light.

But even they are a receipt of Your promise.

Another shade of the color of Your faithfulness.

They bring with them drops and puddles and floods.

You overwhelm and overcome the harshest of droughts with the kindness of Your heart.

You break even the wildest of spirits with Your tenderness.

You are Abba, my Father, my good Dad.

and You evoke a tender response in me.

I breathe in


And breathe out

-I belong to You-


1. First week of orientation -- new work friends, running along the golf course in the rain, lounging in the pool with Pookie -- the cutest long hair Chihuahua ever.
2. First of eight ICU classes. Coffee was a must, almost fell asleep during the hemodynamics lecture!
3. My new room. Truly a haven and place for rest and solitude.
4. R & C -- two of the wonderful people I live with! We went to a wine bar that night and sampled all kinds of wine and port! Delish

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