Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sweetly undone.

On the cusp of my quietest time with You, the noise in my head interrupts.

Many thoughts, squishing through the narrow funnel, to my heart.

My deep longs for Your depth.
Desperate, You remind me, that...

You will not ask me for a gift that You have not already given.

Time, attention, passion, the present moment.

Love and life and tall-comings.

Mistakes and insecurities and greatest successes.

All have been ornately wrapped and personally delivered, from Your kind hands.

And you acquaint me with the suffering of Mary.

The woman whose womb bore a sacrificial testimony of a love for Your Son.

A love for her son.

The only mother, capable of offering the Son of God, back to God.

Her suffocating grief and heavy tears returned to You as well.

Reminding me that: everything is a gift from Your hand.

Tonight, You speak.

You ask for me to come; to return to You, that which has come from You.

All that You want is all of me.

I have been sweetly undone.

Intimately wrecked, by my tender Giver.

May I hold nothing back.

Unrelenting, help me learn to give You my whole self, with joy.

{On the way to St. Augustine beach on Friday}
{Quality rest with generous people}

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