Friday, January 8, 2010

Mils and Eddie, my beloved.

Hello from Southern California :) I am currently sitting in my grandparent's living room, completely content after gorging myself on chicken lettuce wraps from Szechwan. Today has been absolutely lovely! After having my wisdom teeth out on Monday, it was nice to spend the morning running errands with Mille (Grammy), my hospitable Grandmother.

My favorite thing about Grammy is her openness. One never has to wonder what Grammy is thinking about because she often volunteers what's on her mind -- before ever being probed. This wonderful quality often makes for hilarious conversations, and memorable times together. We spent our morning shopping for cousins, and as Grammy puts it "spending social security money."

After spending the morning together, I came home to Grandpa boy. He was sitting in his oversized, red leather recliner, reading the paper, and watching a ball game as usual. After following him around the house like a golden retriever puppy, and talking about a world map and geography, we decided to clean the front porch while talking. :)

Grandpa, every bit the person I desire to be, cracked out the rags, and soaked them with soapy water, and then expected me to stop cleaning after wiping down the chairs he wished to sit on. I laughed (painfully, through chipmunked cheeks) and expressed my desire to continue cleaning. Our conversation was centered on this upcoming summer, my education, and my future. I listened to his words of wisdom, even when some of them were hard to hear. At one point, Grandpa said, "Gosh, you are just like Martha." I said "Why thank you, I love my grandma (my mom's mother), and acquired my cleaning skills from her." He laughed and said "No, not that Martha... the other one. You need to learn how to be Mary." I laughed and said that I would sit at his feet just as soon as I finished cleaning :)

Right after his hilarious comment, Grammy popped her head outside and asked what in the world I was doing. I told her that I was trying to work for her love, and she rebutted by saying "Well honey, you'll need to work a lot harder for that." I gasped and she winked at me. The beautiful thing about that interaction was that the jest stems from my security in my grandparents love for me.

My day has been full. My heart is full. My life is full. That's all. <3

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  1. just do what I did, sit around and chill with them...and only do stuff when they ask you. it works :P