Saturday, January 30, 2010


I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and my right hand on my cheek. I adore days like today. I had pleasant dreams last night, that reinforced what I’m supposed to be doing in life and the realization I had this morning (truly it was my first thought of the day) was that my Father is as close to me as my right hand was to my cheek. That put my day into perspective.

I’m currently sitting in the Poly library. Last spring, this place was my home away from home. I am so very fond of this place! I’ve made lots of wonderful memories here that I still cherish today. I’m currently one of four people in the library and wouldn’t you know the only female that’s here to study. Joy.

Yesterday, I had a crazy experience in clinical! I had a few interesting patients and I learned so so much. The valuable lesson that I learned yesterday was the worth of a smile. I am a student nurse. I feel like a baby. I am a sponge that has just touched liquid and I have an enormous amount of soaking to do in the coming years. Yesterday, I was placed in some difficult circumstances. With difficult patients (that ended up liking me by the end of the day). From dressing changes to full body assessments, I feel like there is much for me to improve on! What I have come to learn quickly is that if my communication fails, if I’m unsure what to say, or even unsure what to do -- just smile. That’s all.

All I have to offer a patient, or really anyone in my life, is my smile and my care. And I’m starting realize that if at the end of the day, that is all I have accomplished, then that is enough for me. You are loved just as you are. He loves you for you. Not for what you have done or for what you’ll become. He wants to show you a love that you have yet to know. Smile.

Oh wow! Make that five people in the library now. Thank you overachieving male engineer student.

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  1. Kelly, you make me smile! What a beautiful post and reminder to share God's love. Thankfully HE is teaching me to love the more difficult to love in my life. It is so amazing that God loves us for who we are not what we have done or will do.

    And if an overachieving male engineer student is just NOW walking into the library, what does that make you?!?!?!? :)

    I loved college libraries too! I loved the quiet, solitude and smell of old books. Hayden library was where I lived when I was at ASU. If you are ever at the main campus for any reason, you'll have to check out the 'secret garden'. I used to go there to have quiet times often and even hosted a girls Bible study there one semester! :)