Monday, March 8, 2010


Random blurb. Last night, before I turned off my bedside light, I was reading Zephaniah. A phrase caught my attention and I wrote it on my arm. Today in class, one of my classmates (Cool Mike) asked me what was on my arm... and that reminded me of my final thought from last night before dozing into vivid dreams.

"In the fire of My jealousy, all the earth will be consumed."

While I was in class today (Side note: as of today, I've officially started my Mental Health rotation!) learning about suicide and PICA, I had a thought... What would it look like if I was consumed with my God? He is jealous for me. What would it look like if I were jealous for him? To be jealous is to desire something so strongly, to be envious. He wants my life, He desires my time, my thoughts, my devotions and what would it look like if I gave Him these things daily? What would it look like if in return, I desired Him with the same ferocity? I believe that is what I was made for. This is His intent for my life and I am excited to watch this plan unfold. I am excited to live out this new found realization. So simple, yet true.

Oh what a beautiful thought. And now I'm off to rapidly critically appraise 3 evidence based practice articles, finish a discussion board post, take an online quiz, fill out 2 worksheets with rationale and finish a case study! <3

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