Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Do you ever have days where you wonder what your purpose is? Today has been one such day for me. I have known that my purpose in life is to worship Him, and that abiding in Him all the breaths of my life is enough... but today I found myself wondering what my days are to look like? And my months? What is His purpose for my life, my heart, my skills? How will He use those in my life to accomplish His will? My mission for today: remain steadfast in prayer for an answer.

As I was cleaning up the remnants of what remained from entertaining last night, the answer came to me. Elbow deep in dirty dishes, I heard as clear as day:

"Kelly, your heart is to be for MY people."

That is it. Upon hearing those words speak my soul into purpose, my eyes couldn't help filling with tears. Great is His faithfulness. Surely, He can be found by those who seek Him.

Here I am. Arms open wide, I am Yours. May you pour my heart out among your people. May you spend it recklessly. May You, who provides me with care and compassion, empty the stores of my heart on Your people, just to be filled again and again. Surely You are good. Surely You are the Lord God. All the days of my life may I be in awe of You. I give you that which is most precious to me, my life, and certainly my heart. May You have your way with it, and may my dreams not interfere. May I forever pray have Your way.

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