Sunday, February 13, 2011


(So us)

This weekend, I went to Sun Valley.

Sun Valley has been home for me for the past two years. I have felt more alive in the past two years, more inspired, more excited to follow Jesus, than in the summation of all my years growing up in the Christian church.

I admire Sun Valley because they're different. At Sun Valley, the emphasis isn't on the building, it's on the people. The church is you. The church is me. We constitute the church, thus, wherever we go... that is the Church too. *You can check it out here -- I highly recommend watching the message in "Unstoppable"*

With that being said, I was very much enjoying tuning out the congregation and singing on Saturday night, when God revealed His goodness to me once again.

You see, I was praying, while singing, and partly dancing (I often try to resist that urge)... praying that I would be like Abraham. Praying that for every Issac in my heart, that I would build an alter and sacrifice what is precious to me; sacrifice, unto God. As I was praying this prayer, I began to go through the roll-a-dex of things in my life that distract me. Things that beckon for my time, attention, affection and focus. Things that I have inherently had a difficult time letting go of, entrusting to God.

While doing this, I had an epiphany (undoubtedly one of my favorite words... especially when it is used in conjunction with the Spirit of God)! My epiphany was this: Jesus is the only treasure in my life that has ANY redeeming value, literally.

I began to think about finances. My conclusion? Money cannot save me. I began to think about people that I love and others that I crave acceptance from. My conclusion? No one can offer me wholeness. What's more, I thought about my desires in life. To that, I concluded that if every desire I have was fulfilled, they still would not fulfill me. I would be more accomplished, certainly, but empty just the same.

It was then that God tenderly reminded me that Jesus is the only treasure in my life that can redeem. He has the ability to satiate my soul's greatest desire, to fulfill me in ways that nothing in this life can, to offer me wholeness from the inside out, to redeem any old and dying circumstance in my life and breath into it new life. Redemption is only possible through Jesus.

May you come to know, tonight, that Jesus is the only treasure in life that will ever treasure you back. He is the only thing in life that can offer you hope, a clean slate. His redemption came at a precious price, but for those who are willing to accept, it is the sweetest gift you will ever receive. He adores you.

On a parting note, this weekend has been full of wonderful people. My relational cup is full.

(We may or may not have had a coloring contest)

(My heart was colorful. His was anatomically correct... that's so overrated ;)

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