Saturday, October 22, 2011


{Trip to Boston with my Grandpa love}


Fragrant color.

Season of maturing, reaching its finest height.

The vibrant color speaks of the light that's been shown, the darkness that's been overcome.

From buds of green to branches full, all has been grace.

From a season of lush and plenty, You are fashioning me to fall.

Calling forth my barren.

Reconciling beauty to my bare.

This flaming orange is vibrant because of Your red.

The maturing process leads to my end.

New beginnings can only come with the letting down, the letting go.

And I sit below You.

And I dream of walking with You at dusk.

And I feel Your presence like the morning dew.

And I am full.

Full and ready.

Ready to fall, ready to be bare before You.

Ready to for the crescendo of this season to reach its final peak.

Ready to be exposed and trusting.

Prepared to wait.

Your promise stands.

You are worthy to be trusted.

Your goodness evokes a joyful response.

Spring will come.

You are good, my soul knows this full well.


{Fresh Lobster... before the boiling pot of doom. Dinner in Maine!}

{Town of Salem -- Salem Witch Project in the 1600's -- crazy around Halloween!}

{Clam chowder at every possible stop. ummyesplease}

{Hammock on the front porch of a bungalow on Bryant Pond... my heart paused inside of my chest}

{New Hampshire -- spent the night at His Mansion}

{Hello Bucket List, I am here to cross off visit New England in the fall #thankyouverymuch}

{Favorite picture of the trip.}

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