Saturday, October 1, 2011

Desert Person.

I am a desert person.

Like my fathers of old, fathers of great.

You have led me far from my captivity.

Far from the bondage I found myself in.

You have lulled me into awe with Your works.

I have problems.

You are power.

The perfect formula for Your wonders.

Who am I that You would intervene?

And I find myself in the dry place.

It is hot.

Water is scarce.

I have been led here by Your pillar of clouds.

Drawn here by the goodness of who You are.

Journey made possible by the blood.

By a reconciled love.

And I wake up.

I am faced with a decision.

The clouds remind me that You are treading heavy over my life.

You are near.

It is time.

The decision is now.

It is constant.

And I choose.

I was not made for Egypt.

I was made for You.

And the desert may be hard.

And my soul may by thirsty.

My heart will not retreat.

My mind will not entertain thoughts of the bondage I have been freed from.

For it would be easy to return to who I was.

But today, right now, forever, I choose the difficult.

Following You will cost me much.

If it doesn't, I cannot sincerely say I am following.

You are good.

I believe that about Your heart.

You are the greatest giver and I trust You.

You gift my life with vibrant color.


It is my souls favorite.

And tonight, I get it.

I proclaim, my heart declares, You are enough.

You are enough.

You are my I AM.

You are all that I want.

I speak truth, for that it is the precursor of freedom:
You will be all that I want, even when You choose to give me great gifts.

I rejoice tonight that David was a man after Your heart.

and Jesus is Your heart.

And if that is who He is, then that makes me of Your heart too.

I smile at Your security.

My soul is at ease with Your loud whisper.

My dreams are littered with Your vision.

My heart coarses for the ones You desire.

My feet are dirty for Your cause.

Thank you for journeying me through the dry place to rejoice in Your adventurous waters.

I may just be a desert person, but I am full.

and You, well, You are enough.


1 comment:

  1. Favorite blog post yet! Well said Kel.
    "I lean not on my own understanding, my life is in the Hands of the maker of heaven, I give it all to you trusting that You'll make something beautiful out of me; and I will Climb this mountain with my hands wide open, Yes, I will climb. There's nothing I hold on to. I give it all to you, Trusting that You're gonna make something beautiful out of this, out of me."
    -Kels best friend <3