Sunday, October 30, 2011


To close my eyes.

To sleep so deep.

To dream in colors red and gray.

To wake up.

Hope has been my sidekick.

To feel joy and sing.

To offer You my presence, my utmost.

To give to You that which is dear and to be cared for.

To read stories, One story, with many verses.

To revisit promises and wait.

I love You for who You are, not for what You have done or what You will do.

To be hungry.

To be desperate.

To be secure in my desperation.

Everyone is working.

But for what?

To lay down my business.

To acknowledge insecurity.

I understand that You love me in my weaknesses, not for my strengths.

To hear You, stunning in the quiet.

To be rested.

To pour myself out for who You are.

To find new heights of emptiness.

To feel fulfilled.

Only to slip back into sleep at the thought of Your sweetness towards me.


--This week I took care of my own patients! Nobody died... looks like this nursing career thing is off to a decent start!--

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