Monday, September 26, 2011


{ @PhoenixOne}

I wake up and still You are with me.

You are faithful, even when my faith is less.

You have whispered to my soul, breathed over it, time and time again.

When did I let the doubt sneak in?

When did I crack open the door of disbelief for the promise You are holding for me?

I wake up this day and am undone by Your goodness.

By the words spoken yesterday, by the words You gifted me with today.

You are good, and You are worthy to be trusted, to this my whole being can attests.

You are good and Your gift for my life is good as well.

May my heart not retreat in this season of waiting.

May it grow stronger, may it be lost in You even more.

May I run with all I have, always fast, never again to slow.

May I not be faint
May weariness never bind me
May doubt never shake me
May faith always fill me
May grace never leave me
May Your strong hand uphold me
May I sing for joy in the shadow of Your wings
May I be fixed on the Giver and never on the gift
and May You grace me with a deep and quiet spirit all the days that I am waiting.

May I be courage.

May You be calling.

May I be patience.

May You be holding.

May I hear and obey.

May You be loud.

May I be lower still, moved to awe, by Your highness.


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  1. beautiful. I love your writings. and to see the beauty of your heart. :) Miss you friend.

    O and by the way. Nice blog title. I definitely used the same one today without seeing yours first. we would.... :)