Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tame her with grace.

Wiley, rambunctious, astray.

I was lost.

Not knowing that I wanted to be found.

Stubborn, spirit as strong as flint, You knew that it would take much to draw me.

You did not exercise Your might in drawing my spirit.

You have not overpowered me.

You have overwhelmed me.

You have revealed to me Your grace, and of those waters I am still sinking.

In the well of Your grace, my pail has yet to hit bottom.

And You whisper to my soul, and You are worthy to be trusted, and You say:

"My daughter, search and see, go deeper still, and I assure you My grace is sufficient."

And I trust you.

And I come around.

I am intrigued not by Your strength, but by Your tenderness.

I am undone by Your mercy.

I am broken by Your forgiveness.

I am overwhelmed by Your grace.

You know me well.

You knew that it would take grace so sufficient to draw this flighty soul towards You.

I am here now.

You need not muscle me to the ground.

I come and I am quiet and I lay myself down.

My broken spirit and broken and contrite heart are what I have to offer.

Wholeness and redemption are waiting for me.

My soul is branded.

And my purpose, identity, and sense of belonging have Your seal, the blood of Jesus, forever singed on them.

You mark me with Your holy and the work is complete.

I am the product of one tamed by grace and You are beautiful.


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