Saturday, September 17, 2011


This week, I took a roadtrip to to CA with Bri girl. No plans. No itinerary. Just us. In the present.

Started with tea and maybe, just maybe, buying a surprise iced coffee and treat to drop off at Valley High for my Brynn girl!

Personal tour of the Oakley Headquarters much? So fun!

The things I find humor in...

4 hours of no talking. Just thinking.

So lovely.

Sitting at dinner with three of my favs. Grandpa boy said that he would snap his neck if he leaned back any further melt my {heart}

8 hours later.... we made it home. Nothing like bumper to bumper traffic for 2.5 hours -- more like nap time for me! Thank goodness some people in this world actually like to drive!

Back and rested and ready for fall.

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