Monday, April 13, 2009


On Saturday, I went hiking in the rain. When I got to the top of the mountain, I realized that some of the most simple things in life are beautiful. I've decided to list the things in which I find true beauty. Enjoy!

*Hiking in the rain
*Watching the sunrise from the top of a mountain
*Long prayer walks
*A big messy kiss from a horse with an adorably wet, sloppy face -- from bobbing for apples in his water (probably the most beautiful thing on this list... seriously) :)
*Solitude time in the Forrest -- and actually feeling the presence of God
*Laughing to the point of side stitches and tears (Kevin has this art mastered)
*Falling into slumber while having someone read to me
*Sleeping (literally) under the stars while being surrounded by people I love
*Lying in the fetal position, in a big chair, with a great book, late at night (how's that for a sentence fragment? :p)
*Writing and receiving letters
*Loving someone so much that you think that if your heart gets any bigger, it will explode inside of your chest
*Watching your dreams come true before your eyes
*Date nights with Kevin (even if all we do is talk while sitting on your bed)
*Competing against Britton in anything that can be turned into a competition :)
*Long, tearful conversations with grandpa about life, love and Jesus
*Hume Lake
*Playing tag in the backyard with silly little goatlings
*Getting lost in thought on the back of a horse
*Spring flowers that bloom after weeks of hard work
*Sitting outside during an Arizona monsoon shower
*Singing loudly :)
*Letting others know that I care about them
*Smelling like fire after a long camping trip
*Riding rides and winning prizes at the Fair/Rodeo
*Baking non-fail cookies and sharing them with friends :)
*Smiling all the time (even at strangers)
*Green Tea
*Finishing a dear friend's sentences
*Having close friends that can read my facial expressions (including, but not limited to -really -seriously and -I don't approve) :)
*Sunday night dinners -with my whole family talking about politics and eating amazing food
*Dresses (they definitely take second place)

Yeah, that's all I've got for now! I hope that your eyes may be opened up to the simple things in life that are truly beautiful. Until the next post... peace, love, and granola. :p


  1. two of those are gross, i'll let you figure out which ones!

  2. ha ha making out with a horse is fun Caleb, don't knock it til you try it :). Wow I love you so much Kelly. I must agree with almost all of those. I especially love horseback riding, forest time, speaking in the language of God, and of course getting spanked by you in pringles. I can't wait to hang out with you guys this summer.

  3. Ah I just read this and it made me smile. :D I agree with basically all of these things!! And I miss you tons! :/