Sunday, August 22, 2010

Overwhelmed. Underwhelmed.

It is with this that I leave you... okay, I'm being slightly dramatic, but I feel like once school starts tomorrow, my blogging days will sadly come to an end. Then again, I'll likely make time for it!

But as I said, I will leave you with this:

One, I am totally overwhelmed. I feel like I could have a freak out session right about now, and school hasn't even started yet! I've already got so many homework assignments to finish (yes, they give us assignments before class starts) that I'm having to remind myself to breathe! Add to that, laundry (still have a BUNCH to fold), cleaning my car (I'm almost done -- I just want to finish now!), filling my car up with gas, packing up my room here in Queen Creek, moving my life back to phx and yeah, that's pretty much what the next 4 hours of my life is going to look like! But that's okay. I will survive.

Two, intercession on Thursday was amazing! During this beautiful time of prayer, I was so convicted that when it comes to God, so often my mind is underwhelmed by His _______ (insert adjective here). Goodness, greatness, faithfulness, beauty, steadfastness, provision, creation... I think you get my point. Also during this time of prayer, He made His purpose for my life known to me.

I repeat: HE made HIS purpose for my life known to me! Uhm hello! This is only what I have been waiting for the past 19 years! My purpose is this: to be in AWE of Him each and every day. Sounds simple, right? Cliche? Perhaps. But I tell you this: it is already proving to be difficult!

If I am in awe:

My mind would dwell only on Him and His greatness.
My mind would be full of His thoughts.
My eyes would see His heart of mercy towards others.
My eyes would only take in His majesty.
My ears would be sensitive to His voice.
My heart would be still and wait patiently for His prompting.
My legs would be obedient to follow the path He has prepared for me.
My hands would be used to deliver healing and show of His goodness.
My ears would be captive to His people, listening to their troubles.
My mouth would be equipped only with fruitful, encouraging words.
My heart would be like a pitcher -- filled with His grace, meant to be poured out upon those whose glass is empty.
My mouth would be satisfied with the living water and never again would I find myself thirsty.
My stomach would have its fill on the bread of life and He would be my portion forever.
My heart would be broken and thus propel my feet into movement and my faith into action.
My body would succumb to His desires for my life and if I were in awe of Him, that would be enough.

When was the last time you could say you were in Awe? My challenge to you is this: before your head hits the pillow tonight, set aside time to be in AWE of Jesus. So often, I believe we are underwhelmed with Him.

<3 Kel


  1. I'm gonna do it, Kelly. I will set aside some time today to simply take in the AWEsomeness of God.

  2. awesome post kelly!