Saturday, August 28, 2010

You alone can make my soul take flight.

I really like Phantom of the Opera, but that is definitely not what this post is about! I wanted to recount God's faithfulness in my life this week!

So often, it is easy to forget the small God moments in your life and only remember the BIG ones. This post is going to be quite the contrary. Today, I want to tell you of the two small successes in my week this week that remind me of HIS faithfulness in MY life.

1. I took a nap on Wednesday. My Wednesdays are going to be slightly crazy, as I will have 11 hour clinical days, so naps are definitely a must when I get home around 5:30! After my lovely nap, I was lying in bed feeling entirely unmotivated to pry my body out of the comfy warmness of the covers... so, I pulled my bible onto my lap and opened. I've been making my way through the book of Matthew lately, but for some reason, I felt prompted to read Philippians. So, I read and SOAKED it up. My soul ate up the words as if they were eternal bread. It was wonderful. While reading, the scriptures made me think of a dear friend in my life, so I then texted this precious friend and told her how thankful I was for her friendship! What should she reply with but "Kelly, read Philippians, it is my heart for you." Um hello. How great is our God? He has SO bound us together by His blood and given us intimacy with both Him and those who partake of Him!

2. I feel like I am supposed to work the homeless population someday. This semester, I am taking a Community Health course and as a result, I have to log in 70 hours with a Community Health Nurse. The large majority of students in my program will spend their time accompanying a School Nurse in the public school system, but I so desired to be with the homeless. So, I stepped up and just planted the bug in my teachers ear. She said that the assignments had already been made but that I would probably come to enjoy school nursing. I don't doubt that, but I walked away a little confused. I felt so strongly that I was to work with this special population... SO, when I went to class again on Thursday to pick up my assignment, my teacher asked if I could stay a little bit longer for some extra orientation! All that to say, she pulled some major strings and I will be in the community, working with a Public Health Nurse! Ahh! Great is His faithfulness in my life!

Mmk, I need to work on this journal now! It's due in a few hours and I've been procrastinating :) I'm at Paradise with my dad, we're doing homework together! Oh, and watch this video! It will make you smile. Great is His faithfulness in day to day life. My soul has felt light all week.

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