Thursday, May 26, 2011

When words fail.

The only response is HOLY GHOST.

Tonight was one of those nights. You know, the kind of night where you get to your car and you just want to close the door and scream. And then sob. And then laugh like you're crazy.

The kind of night where you leave the building and the only thing you are thinking is "Oh my goodness, I simply HAVE to share this with someone! But who?!?"

Yeah, welcome to my evening. If you were here, in our wedding-cluttered office, I would jump onto your lap and tell you my story, all with the excitement of a giddy school girl of course!

Background: I like to pray. For those of you who know me, prayer is kind of my favorite. More background: A few years ago, while I was in the mountains, God spoke very clearly to me and said "you are to be an intercessor" My response?!? "Hmm, well okay! Whatever that means... God if that's from You, You'll have to teach me." Fast forward one month and 3 (yes, three) people came up to me at random and said that they felt like God was telling them to tell me that I was to be an intercessor.

One of those three gave me a book on prayer. And so my journey began.

Fast forward more... I have many stories (and soap boxes) that I could share -- or stand on for that matter (mmk I'm already over that analogy), but all you need to know is that I met this guy named Daniel, and we would pray over the church, every Thursday. With two other ladies.

Two months ago, Daniel told me about a ministry at church. He said that there were 9 people in their 20's that were going to spend 2-3 months doing missions over seas. He said that there was a week-long training program and that part of their training was on prayer.

"Sweet!" I thought to myself. But then he went on... and asked if I would lead the portion on prayer. I laughed and thought "uh, me?". "Yes." was his emphatic reply.

Fast forward to tonight. I am in my car, in the parking lot, praying "God, what have I done?". Convinced that I have nothing to share, so much more to learn, and feeling like the baby in the group -- here comes Kelly. Younger than anyone in the group and yet LEADING the group?!? Yeah. My thoughts exactly. This is CRAZY.

I pray for strength, pray for something, anything, to say and muster up the courage to go in.

I go in, and recognize a face; he was one of the 9 and jokingly said "Oh hey, look! Kelly is here. She's going to lead our next group." I smiled and said "Yes!" and then laughter emerged. He was joking. I was serious.

"I can't do this without You" I prayed, and then I opened my mouth.

What followed was nothing short of a HOLY GHOST moment. 3.5 hours might be more accurate. It was ridiculous. I am not kidding you.

I talked for a few mins about my passion for prayer, and tried to convince the 9 to get crazy about it too. They were hesitant to say the least. I mean, prayer? Really?

After finishing my short spiel, I asked permission to prayer over everyone before taking off. The agreed and we pushed one chair in the middle. A hot seat, so to speak.

What followed was 3 hours of Holy Spirit. I am not kidding you. *This is the point where I would pinch your cheeks and say "Um, I am being FOR REALS serious" if you were here sitting with me* The Most Holy Spirit of God provided insight into each person, each story, each need. He gave the precious gift of His discernment and the things that came pouring out of my mouth were ridiculous.

Who am I that the LORD God would look upon me with such favor?

Who am I that He would gift me with the ability to look into 9 precious souls?

What was even more remarkable were the prayers of His people. These 9 people went from being skeptical about this whole prayer thing, to men and women that were emboldened by the Spirit of God, and ones that spoke with the authority that only comes from His Spirit.

Our time together was rich, and after the last person had been prayed for, after the last Amen, we all stepped back and looked at each other. In shock. We wondered "what just happened?"

I kid you not. The Spirit of God was alive in that place. Heavy, tangible; He poured His Spirit out among His people. Here, in Gilbert AZ, in the back of our church building, a new group of intercessors were born.

I love it when God comes and wrecks your night.

I love it when He leaves you speechless and grinning.

I love it when He kindles fire in the hearts of His bride.

I love Him.

Just had to share before going to bed. Simply couldn't sleep without doing it!


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  1. Hey this is a pretty amazing, blog entry! Prayer sure is a powerful thing!

    -Andrew Hopwood