Saturday, August 20, 2011


{Visited Kathryn lovelovelove}

Am I ready?

Do I trust You?

Has Your work been made perfect in me?

Do I know that Your blood is enough?

Am I aware of this daily: that I am sick and need a Savior?

Do I give You the whole gift of a joyful surrender?

Do I love Your people, well?

Have I scraped the bottom of the well that is me and been undone in Your deep waters?

I gift You with my dirty rocks: rebellion, independence, rigidity.

You pardon my shortcomings, more like my tallcomings, and You gift me with fullness.

Blood that is shared.

Grace that is sufficient.

Life that is abundant.

Yes, I am ready.

Let my way be Your ways, Your love, Your life.

I am where I belong and I only belong with you.

May we rock to the lullaby that is Your glory and may the offering of my awe be enough to wash Your feet.

I like You.

and I always, always will.


I wrote this during church tonight. Funny how you can be somewhere, but be so far from present. Back from the Bay area! Here's a photo recap...

{Walking the bluff before antiquing}

{Dinner in Bodega Bay... they def gave us the honeymoon table! ha}

{Here comes trouble}

{The man taking our photo asked "Hotttt lovers or best friends??" and we laugh}

{Our hotel room for the night!}

{Before haircut and babysitting 3 adorable girlies}

{After.... and after a bean burrito and peaches. Maybe not the best idea I've had in a while}

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