Sunday, August 28, 2011


Take this heart of stone.

Melt me into a puddle of wax.

Shave me and craft me into something lean, something holy.

Instill in me a hunger for you, a wick that runs into my deep.

Set me aglow and may I only ever burn brighter for you.

May I melt again, lower this time, bring me lower still.


*I start working night shifts in t-minus 2 hours and 51 mins! FREAK OUT!*

{I think this little guy liked me. I can hardly imagine a plague with them... ah no}

{after 4 hours of worship and 1 hour of dancing, we were a lovely sweaty mess}

{With 3 hours of sleep under my belt and tea in my future, I climbed onto the 10 and ventured on home. Heart weekends at the Hoyts}

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