Saturday, August 6, 2011

Be afraid.

It tells me that the sky is falling.

Listen, you can hear it too.

Be afraid.

Be afraid of being the loving one and yet unlovable.

Be afraid of not belonging.

Be afraid of being alone.

Be afraid of being ordinary.

Be afraid of being overcome by doubt.

Be afraid of refraining from a wonderful path.

Be afraid of giving Him the most intimate desires of your heart.

Be afraid of Him when He chooses to accept them and never gives them back.

Be afraid of that fire growing dim.

Be afraid of being exposed, lacking protection.

Be afraid of lacking in courage.

True is: this may be my circumstance.

Truth is: Jesus is bigger than my circumstances.

Truth is that He has called me by name and instilled courage in my person.

Truth is that even if one can touch my body, they cannot harm my soul.

Truth is Your Spirit manifested as a dove to one person, The One. To the rest, it has come as fire. You are not finished with me, Your fire will continue to fall, to ignite.

Truth is You are a good God, even when Your hands are empty towards me, Your heart is still full.

Truth is I was fashioned to desire intimacy with You and it is possible because of Jesus.

Truth is, that may just be a wonderful path, but if it's not the one for me to walk on, You are still worthy of my deepest praise.

Truth is Jesus has purchased the victory of my mind, with His blood. His faithfulness is greater than any seed of doubt.

Truth is You are great in me and greatness will come from me.

Truth is You have promised to never leave or forsake and You have yet to fail me.

Truth is You have called me Your beloved and sought me from the wilderness. While I was stubborn and wily, You loved me and called me home. You are the utmost answer to my deepest insecurity.

Truth is You loved me even when I was unlovable.

Following Jesus has cost me much.

Tonight, it has cost me my fear.

Truth is:
Even though I walk through the valley,
I will fear no evil.
You are my Shepherd and You are great.
You will lead me on the paths of righteousness,
for it is who You are.
You will rest me in your pastures, tall and green,
and lull me to sleep next to Your deep and rushing waters.
I will eat in the presence of my enemies,
for You are to be trusted.

May You anoint my head with oil until my cup overflows and may I dwell in Your home, Your heart, forever.


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