Thursday, August 4, 2011

Speak life: take a look at truth.

Guest blog from the lovely Briauna Hoyt.


I am a daughter of Jesus. He is my daddy. I am called to be an alien. To go against the flow. To set the standard. To blaze a trail. I am different, and there is beauty in that. He loves that I don’t look like everyone else. I am made unique to the call God has on my life. I am unique to the heart of my Father. I can love on Him, like no one else is capable of. No one else was made for the purposes I am called to. I am chosen, picked out of millions. He saw beauty in me. He saw potential in me. He saw greatness. Chosen, so not only I can bring happiness and reconciliation to the world, but to lead others to reconciliation and happiness. I am on a mission. I have greatness inside of me because of Christ being great. He is capable of all things, so I am capable of all things. I am able to do more than Christ did if I want too, but I have to desire it, I have to seek it out. Everything I want in my life is found in Him. My heart was made to love His. He is the other half, the missing link, the puzzle piece. When I’m with Him, it is the only way I can experience REAL satisfaction and contentment. No one else will satisfy me like He does. They cannot.
Love is misplaced when I spend it on anything but my Father because it is impossible to find wholeness in dead things.
He will never leave me, and He HAS never left me. When I feel alone, it is because of my perspective, but it is not truth. I fail, but He never has and He won’t. His heart for me is good. When I don’t understand, I choose to believe He is making it all work out for my good. If it doesn’t come when I want I know, it will still be worth the wait. I can’t trust anyone like I can trust my Daddy. He has awakened a hope in my heart by calling into existence my destiny. I won’t be a follower, I will be a leader. I will cling to the words of my Father and what He says is true. He is the only source of what is right and good in this world. I think Gods thoughts because I have the mind of Christ. I will not be a conformer and go with the wide paths of this world, do you hear that devil, I will not be a conformer, you will not get your way. I will be a transformer in my actions and my thinking,I will choose to follow the straight and narrow path even if I have to stand alone. Because I am never truly alone, You will never let go of my hand and when my paths get difficult, you will ask me to climb on your back as You carry me with Your strong arms. Your love is strong. I won’t worry and I won’t stress out because you know what I need. My flesh may get weak, but You live inside of me and Your Spirit is so strong in me. Because greater is He that is in me than He that’s in the world. Your word will always be my reference point and final authority in my life. I am a success regardless of my circumstances and situations. I will trust you with my heart because you won’t hurt it, take advantage of it, or play with it. Your love is medicine for my soul, you never give up on me. I will love You in the good times and the bad. I am grateful because what You’ve already done for me is enough always and forever. And I will always L o v e y o u.

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