Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And so it goes...

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

That is slightly profound. The truth in those words have recently resonated in my heart and give me great joy. In the past week, I have been fretting over things in my life, and today I was reminded of God's faithfulness to me. He rose the sun. Think about it... Every day, the sun rises and sets. Do I need to pray and beg God to rise it every morning? No. If I (hypothetically speaking) forgot to pray and ask Him to rise the sun, would He forget? No. His faithfulness is great to me. He knows my needs before I ever ask of them, and He does not forget me. He cares for me, and out of His great love for me, He provides for me. My heart is at rest knowing that God rises the sun every morning to demonstrate His adoration for me. That is something beautiful. I'm done fretting over things in this life. I don't fret over the sun and it still rises. Today, I'm choosing to abide in Jesus and I have been made aware of His love for me.

I hope that some day, you may come to know that God loves you. He accepts you just as you are, and you are His beloved. He will never leave or abandon you. He will draw near to you and He can mend your life. He can restore your heart and fill it to the brim with joy and you can be satisfied in Him. He can be your portion, and give you hope and rest and peace. May you come to know that you are forgiven, and more importantly, adored. Just. as. you. are. May you stop fretting and stand in awe of the One who rises the sun.


  1. You are precious to me Kelly and I love you! I continue to learn more about & grow in adoration for our Savior by your example. Thank you for being you! <3 Mom

  2. i was thinking of the same song the past few weeks! except i was thinking that the bible tells us that first, but we experience it. so jesus loves me because he does. i don't need something to tell me so anymore. he just does!

    love this and you.