Saturday, May 23, 2009

Keep the change

Hmm. I have lots to say, yet by the same token, I have nothing to say at all. There sure are a lot of changes going on over here!
1) I'm living in down town Phoenix next semester with the most amazing family ever (next to mine of course). Like seriously AMAZING and I am so, SO excited to share life with them and their precious girls.
2) Kevin is gone. And he took my cousin with him :( poo. Remind me again why I get left out of all of the once-in-a-lifetime-trips?!? Oh yeah... it's because I have a uterus. poo again.
3) I'm churchless. I have officially flown the nest -so to speak- and no longer have a church to call home. On one hand, I'm flying and that is exciting (the thrill of not knowing where I'm going to go adds some spice to my life for sure!), on the other hand, I don't have a home to go to. I don't have a place to land and that's down right weird.
So yeah, life as I know it is most definitely changing, and adjusting to a new way of life is pretty difficult. I have no idea what my summer will look like. Even my summer plans are changing, but I take comfort in knowing that I am God's beloved, and that He has most definitely been working all things together in my life for the good (His faithfulness towards me is SO so evident in my life!) and I have peace in knowing that He will continue His good work in me. Even when I feel like asking Him to keep the change and stop bestowing it on me :) Oh well, if I wasn't being stretched, I'd likely be stagnant, and I'd much rather take the uncertainty of being stretched over the latter. God is good. So good. And I am fully aware of His great love for me. I'm done.


  1. i bet you wish you had a penis. sorry. us men are having fun. we miss you though.

    we're going white water rafting tomorrow morning. the water is coming directly from snow off the mountain above us. :'( brrrr

  2. On ocassion, I sometimes wish I did :p You guys stink for leaving me out! That's all I'm gonna say about that :( Now I'm off to sulk in the corner...