Friday, May 29, 2009


So, much has happened in the past few days! On Wednesday, I drove up to Peoria (all by myself) and helped some dear family friends prepare for a Church (plant) BBQ. I had an awesome time getting to know this family, and hearing all about their aspirations and dreams for the church they are planting! The BBQ was amazing and I met some really beautiful people. The highlight of my evening was meeting Sarah. Upon first meeting Sarah, my heart instantly beat with love for her. After talking with Sarah for just a short while, it was so evident to me that Jesus is her life, and breath and everything. She burns with zeal for her creator and father. What an inspiration she is to me!

So... after spending a lovely 2 days up in Peoria, I decided to make the long haul back to the valley. Ha! I left at 9 (pm) with the intentions of taking the 101 all the way back home. After taking the 101 North, I began heading Eastbound. It was here that the problems began!

On the Eastbound 101, there was an awful crash and I was in bumper to bumper traffic. Oh, and did I mention that the next off ramp was 3 miles away? Yah. Fail! So I called my friends (the ones I had been staying with in Peoria) and asked for directions. The accident was so severe that they had all traffic exit the freeway on 7th Ave. I was freaking out -- mainly because I didn't have my bearings and because it was dark... but we plotted out a way for me to find the 51, and take it through Phoenix and end up near the 101/202 area!

So, after a minor snag in my plan, and 30 mins of sitting relatively still, I finally found the 51 and headed Southbound. After staying on that for a while (and having a dumb camera flash at me -- I was going to speed limit too! Tardfoo!), I decided that I wanted to get off on the N. 202 heading Eastbound. Ha! Oh man oh man.

After exiting the 51, and hopping onto what I thought was the 202, I realized that I was completely lost. Like -legitimately- LOST. Oops! It was dark (so I couldn't identify any mountains), and after going through so many twists and turns I couldn't figure out what direction I was headed in. Oh and did I mention that I didn't even recognize the street names? Weird. I was freaking out! I contemplated getting off of whatever the heck I was on and driving around for a while to get my bearings, but then I decided against that... Someone could have eaten me. Ew no. After sticking it out a while longer, I began approaching Tempe Town Marketplace! Woohoo!!! *I thought to myself* the 202 is on the North side of TTM and runs parallel to it. Now if I could just find a way to get on the 202, I know that I can find my way home...

After another min of driving, it occurred to me that I was on the North side of TTM and running parallel to it. Tada! It hit me *I was on the 202* :D Ha! I was proud! And I stopped shaking. What an adventure I thought to myself afterwards! All this to say, I think that my trip home can adequately illustrate my walk with Jesus. There are times in my spiritual life when everything around me is dark. My eyes become focused on the task at hand, tunnel vision sets in, and fear sinks in later. Often times, I'm not sure which way is up, or where I am heading -- I frequently find myself unsure of where I'm going. Other times, I feel like I'm at a standstill -- as if I'm caught up in a traffic jam. The light that gets me through, my hope in hard times, is the knowledge that Jesus is faithful to direct my next step. Right when I feel like giving up, stepping away from this hard and sometimes confusing and dark path, He shows me a sign and confirms in my heart -- as well as my mind -- that I am right where He wants me to be. I'm merely following His will for me, and the direction in which I am headed will always be homeward bound.

My encouragement to you would be this: Jesus loves you and wants you to abide fully in Him. Do not be anxious, cast aside your fear and rebuke your will. Keep trudging along, and He will illuminate your path. Devote yourself to Him, and He will lead you home. May you find rest in knowing that you are not alone on the freeway, but that there are others here beside you, in both the slow lanes and the fast. May you comfort yourself in the truth that Jesus will protect you, and that the spirit will direct your journey, and that at the end of the day, you will have experienced another day of adventure in your travels of life.

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  1. i'm glad you made it safely home! and i think this was a mighty fine blog :) i love it.