Thursday, March 3, 2011

What a week.

*I put Burt's Bees on Riley's nose this week... he spent the next 20 mins trying to lick it off :)

This will be brief! And completely pointless.

I know... right? Kelly blog and it be brief?

This week has been many things.

Monday was my Critical Care final and feeling all day like I just needed a hug. It ended with a sleepover at Lisa's, an hour long walk, a pillow fight until we couldn't breathe we were laughing so hard, and a scary movie fest with 4 bodies holding each other in fear... you know, all the good stuff!

Tuesday was a silly class, feeling like I just needed time to hit the refresh button in my mind, my soul really. Lunch with Elvin (my celebrity name for Kevin/Ellie) and a nap that consumed my afternoon. Add to that a long walk with Riley and you have my day.

Wednesday was a loooong test. 180 questions to be precise. I was irritated on Wednesday. Still don't know why. That's a lie actually. Hit up the gym and stair stepped it up. Got a gnarly blister in the process and it DEFINITELY ruptured. Ow. Lightrail back to dad's office and he was kind enough to let me tag along for his lunch appointment. Nap. Walk. Babysat two of the cutest stinkin boys. Omg so fun. Feisty and cuddly would be the two words I would use to describe them. The best combo of two traits ever. I would be lucky if I ended up with 2 just like them.

And today? I have done absolutely nothing. It has been fabulous. Spent most of my day thinking. Perhaps that's not the best... but it was just what I needed. A day of rest, a respite from life. Add to that a tea date with Kevin, stopping by the gparents house, a nap, another long walk and playing driveway tennis with Kevin... and yeah, today has been lovely.


*This dog. Caught sight of MY headband. While I was doing yoga. In the living room.

*And decided that he had to have my headband for himself. -He definitely tore it off my head-

*Let's just say that he got a taste of his own medicine... I put it around his neck and he got it stuck in his mouth (that is NOT what she said) :p He makes me laugh. SO much.

Truth be told, the only reason I wanted to blog tonight was to share that picture. Good night {heart}

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  1. Oh Kelly,

    These pictures just crack me up!!!! Sometime, when life is 'less' crazy, we need to set up a coffee date and catch up!