Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bring on the GOATS.

It's funny how themes immerse in my life.

On Tuesday night, I was talking to someone about the animal that I resonate with: goats. Out of every animal, there is just something in a goat that seems so familiar.

Having owned goats myself, I can tell you that they are intelligent (always know how to get home), stubborn, playful, ornery, bold and absolutely adorable.

Mmk, so I'm not saying that I'm ALL of those things.... BUT seriously. ;)

Moving on, Thursday nights = prayer at the church. Tonight was no different. While Robin (whom I love) was praying for awakening in the hearts of people here in Gilbert, she said "Lord, and I pray for your sheep, they are so lost." That was it. Just one small mention of sheep, and she continued on in her prayers.

Instantly, God gave me a beautiful revelation. His Spirit spoke to mine, in a way that you would have to experience to know and He said "Kelly, my herd of lost sheep need a goat."

Do you remember hearing about this story? In Turkey, three years ago, a Shepard was grazing his sheep on grass that lined a cliff... one decided to walk over the edge, and next thing you know, 1,500 sheep followed him (why is it that I instinctively want say it was a "him" that took the first plunge...? hmm I'd have to think about that :). Only 450 sheep died. It was said that the other ones lived because they had a pile to break their fall; tragic, really. Would you like to know what their solution was? They introduced a goat to the pack.

This decision was based on the notion that a goat would take the lead and make smart choices that would impact the pack. While praying tonight, the Spirit of God spoke words that pierced my soul; tonight, He said bring on the goats.

The rest of my evening has been filled with childish smiles and prayer. Praying, that God would place me in the middle of a lost herd. A herd needing direction. Praying, that I would make wise decisions and love others into His Kingdom. Praying, that I would not lose sight of how to get back home. And praying that upon my arrival home, I may have a flock, a large flock, following closely behind.

Great is God. Great is His faithfulness in my life.

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