Sunday, June 19, 2011

It was only just a dream.

Thoughts, deep.

Tongue, quiet.

Eyes, closing.

It begins.

He is on a journey, an adventure of sorts. He finds his way to a tree-lined driveway and turns in. Parked. He is facing the house. Inside that glass door are the demons from his past.

Faced with a decision, he decides to entertain them.

He goes inside.

He is no longer the man that we knew. He has regressed. Life sucked out of his bones; marrow is gone. He is dry.

I am watching, screaming; he cannot hear. Running towards him, my feet take me no where; helpless.

The door closes behind him.

Actively engaged in his past, and the opportunity to escape the moment; FINALLY, my feet touch the dirt.

I am running towards him.

Coming up to the glass door, I look inside.


I am afraid, but I know that I must move past that.

I open. I call. He comes.

Standing outside, his eyes are wild. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him close.

As if feeling my heart beat and breath on his cheek could bring him back to where he had been for so long. As if it could wake him up from this nightmare he walked into; has shaken hands with.

I whispered into his ear with all authority and urgency.

He wants you. You have to believe. He wants you just as you are. You are never too far gone. Abba longs for you. Wishes life for your soul. Wholeness. Wake up, turn around, He is waiting.

I wake up.

The ending is unknown.

The urgency is real.

He loves and He gave, so that we might believe and turn and live.

May you know that you are never too far gone from His invitation.

That the dark rocks in your life are never too dark for His light to shine on.

That the shame you are carrying is never too heavy for Jesus.

And may you always turn towards the precious woos of your longing Abba.

Today, really is, His day.


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