Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Where it first began.

Good to evil was the start of it all.

One choice. One action. One bite, chewed, but not yet digested.

Now healing to pain.

Justice to corruption.

Holy to fallen.

Love to apathy.

Joy to sorrow.

Closeness to separation.

Hope to despair.

Restoration, it comes not in the form of many, but in One.

One name to make the evil one scream.

One faith that was pure.

One man that was flawless, unconventional.

One message that hastened the stake, the wood, the cross.

One death that unraveled the pathologic foundation of the humankind.

One blood atoning for all.

One empty tomb, fulfilling the stories of old, signifying the finality of THE transaction.

One promised Spirit, that emboldens, sustains.

One world turned upside down.

One old law replaced by a new one, branded on souls instead of tablets.

One life shaken, stirred to restlessness.

One pursuit and divine revelation.

One surrender, many trusts, and continual abandonment, lovely but hard.

One faith that is strong because of the strong One.

One daughter, single and waiting.

One Father, One husband, good and adoring.

One path, rugged and steep; littered with fullness, peace, and joy. love.

Death to life.

This is my story.


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